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Administrator Training

Maximize the Your iLinc Knowledge for Optimal Resutls. 


The Basics and Beyond

Getting Started with iLinc -Recommended Starting Point for All iLinc Users

During this one-hour training session, all user levels will learn how to effectively and efficiently use iLinc. This class will provide both a solid understanding of key features and the confidence you need to create, launch and manage virtual sessions with iLinc. Topics include: navigating your "home page," creating sessions, the user experience, session management, and presenting various forms of content.

Site Administration Basics

Learn the Basic’s to Setting up your iLinc Site, Creating and Managing Users, and More.
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Specific Feature Training (Recorded Tutorials) Duration Launch
Getting to Know Your Communications Center Homepage An introduction to the iLinc Communication Center. 5:06 Launch/
Editing Your iLinc Profile Learn how to update and make changes to your user profile. 2:54 Launch/
Scheduling iLinc Sessions Learn the basics of scheduling an iLinc session. 14:48 Launch/
Public Session - Set-up, Registration & Joining Learn to effectively utilize iLinc public session pages for registration and joining. 8:18 Launch/
Making the Most of the iLinc Catalog Page Learn to post session on your site for internal self registration using the iLinc Catalog Page. 3:40 Launch/
Joining an iLinc Session View and understand the steps users will follow when joining a session. 3:01 Launch/
iLinc Site Administration Options Learn the basics and location of key site administration functions with a tour of iLinc's Administration tools. 4:07 Launch/
iLinc Green Meter™ Administration Learn how to effectively configure the green meter to effectively record your savings. 5:46 Launch/
Configuring iLinc Security Options Learn how to set iLinc security policies to match your current IT policies. 3:42 Launch/
Creating Your Own iLinc Account Learn to configure your site for auto account creation and the steps users will take to create their own accounts. 5:17 Launch/
Automated Retirement Configuration Learn how to configure iLinc's Automated Retirement feature. 3:24 Launch/
Managing the iLinc Automatic Retirement ProcessLearn how to manage iLinc's Automated Retirement process. 4:42 Launch/
Setting Session Defaults in iLinc Learn to set defaults for session scheduling and email templates. 5:48 Launch/
iLinc Site Communication Preferences Learn to Post announcements, and related links. Providing users with needs information. 5:16 Launch/
Leveraging iLinc Organizational Structure OptionsLearn to divide your site into divisions, and adjust permission levels. 3:38 Launch/
Managing Content in the Content Library learn to leverage the ability for users to share and update content on the site. 2:41 Launch/
Adding and Managing Users in iLinc Learn how to manage users with iLinc. 8:26 Launch/
Managing Tests and Surveys Learn to create, post, and grade iLinc test and surveys. 13:15 Launch/
Utilizing Social Networks with iLinc Learn to post Green Meter savings and session registration links to Facebook and Twitter. 3:17 Launch/
Editing Your iLinc Recordings Learn to effectively edit, download, and Post your iLinc recordings. 6:46 Launch/
Navigating iLinc Reports Learn how to launch reports with the iLinc Communications Center. 6:25 Launch/
Integration Training (Recorded Tutorials) Duration Launch
iLinc for Outlook A-Z Learn the Basics of iLinc for outlook; set-up and attend your sessions using Outlook. 3:23 Launch/
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Scheduling an Event Learn the basics of scheduling an iLinc integrated event in 4:17 Launch/
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Using My Personal Meeting Room Learn the basics for launching an instant session with a Lead, Contact, or Case in 4:49 Launch/
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Creating Webinars Learn the basics for managing lead generating webinar events with iLinc for 3:48 Launch/

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