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The great thing about LearnLinc is that it lets live online instructors control class presentations using synchronized multimedia and content available over the Web. It also offers application sharing, electronic hand raising, and a glimpse feature that lets instructors acquire a screen capture of any student's desktop. 

Dave Blair, Training Director — Aetna, U.S. Health Care

iLinc has allowed us to connect to people we would not have been able to reach and has already generated enough revenue to more than pay for the platform. 

Gary Aller, Director — Alliance for Construction Excellence

We researched vendors on price point and features, and found iLinc to be the strongest in both categories. 

Steve Theodorou, IT Director — Demand Management, Inc.

It is so rare to find a company that actually delivers great customer support. I felt an obligation to thank the management team for their support and professionalism throughout the process. The iLinc team made it possible for us to do in 60 days what would take most companies six months. 

Christian Warren, President and CEO — e2impact

We benefited in a very measurable way from the iLinc Enterprise Unlimited program. We paid once for our iLinc software and now have limitless access to it. Being forced into a concurrent user model with our former vendor wouldn't have allowed us to scale our business the way we can with iLinc. 

Chris Gosk, Vice President of Distance Learning — Global Knowledge

As we began to deploy the iLinc suite, we realized that we could get even broader use out of iLinc. We'd originally intended to use Web conferencing primarily to present training and orientations. Now, we're expanding our iLinc usage to support high-quality distance learning instruction as well as administrative events, such as advisory councils and Board meetings.

Joshua Baron, Director, Academic Technology and eLearning — Marist College

The benefits in our customer service department are the most dramatic. We have significantly reduced travel costs with the exception of very large rollouts, which we still do in person. The ability to provide training in multiple ways (live and recorded) enables the customer service team to meet a wide variety of needs using a single tool. 

Traci Schaible, Senior Manager of Product Training — Qualcomm [QWBS Division]

Some of the larger vendors saw us as a small customer, so they didn't put much effort into offering competitive pricing or specifically addressing our needs. iLinc, on the other hand, custom-wrote their RFP response to our precise requirements and offered flexibility in their pricing model. 

David Ray Walker, Training and Development Specialist — DHS, State of Oregon

With iLinc we are reducing the costs associated with travel and increasing the productivity of state employees. But we also are heavily cutting carbon emissions as state employees come off the interstate and go onto the internet. 

Tad Wootton, Director — Office of Efficiency Review for the State of Arizona

The WebEx pricing model didn't make sense for us. When we got the tip about iLinc, we pursued it and discovered iLinc's licensing model to be a more cost-effective choice, particularly for a business like ours that uses Web conferencing on a daily basis. 

Ross Hammer, Senior Software Developer — Tribal Data Resources

After assessing the options, iLinc proved to be the best solution for providing frequent, content-rich training. 

Ross Thornton, Training Manager — Williams Scotsman












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