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Getting Started Web Conferencing & Collaboration

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Web conferencing is an easy and effective way to conduct your meetings. Here are some general tips that will help you get the best results from your web conference:

Get Trained

Once you have elected to add a web component to your meeting, make sure you are adequately trained on your product of choice.



Test Your Browser

Several days before your conference, perform the required presenter browser test. A link will be provided on the invitation you receive from your Event Manager or on the automated conference center email you receive after you set up your web conference. Please perform this test from the PC and network location where you will conduct your conference. This is an important step that will ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements to perform all presenter functions from within the web conference.




Check Connectivity 

As a presenter, you must have a reliable high speed connection. If you are performing your presentation from a non-corporate environment (hotel, home or public internet location such as the library or an internet café), please note that your connectivity to the meeting is only as good as that initial internet connection.

Confirm Participant Equipment Capabilities 

Your participants will need to have compatible browsers and adequate internet connectivity to log in to your web conference. If they experience problems entering the web portion of the conference, please ask them to press *0 to obtain operator assistance at anytime.

Pre-Upload Presentations 

Ensure the timely start of your conference by uploading your presentations well in advance of event day. Depending on the quality of your connection, uploading can take several minutes and can be delayed if your presentation is large or graphically intense. 

App Sharing Tips 

If you are using app sharing, keep in mind the web meeting and the application you are sharing must be on your primary monitor. Anything you attempt to share from your secondary monitor will not appear to your participants.

Recording Tips

If you are recording your conference, be sure you fully understand how the recording will initiate and terminate, as well as how to access that replay once your event is complete. If you are unsure, please contact your event manager or technical support for details before your web conference.

 Number of Presenters 

Too many people with control over slides and other presenter features can create a sense of chaos in your meeting. If you must have several presenters on your meeting, coordinate roles and flow carefully before your event start time. Unplanned or unauthorized use of a feature/function within the meeting can be very disruptive.

Share Files

If you have participant materials you would like for each attendee to acquire, take advantage of the file transfer option within your web conference.

Prepare for Q&A

Plan ahead when it comes to question and answer sessions or polling questions. Though the web products make it very easy to create these ‘on the fly’ during your meeting, it will go more smoothly if you are prepared ahead of time. Each product has a different way of asking questions to your participants, so make sure you receive adequate product training before your web conference.



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