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We are committed to helping customers succeed, especially when complex and disparate systems create barriers to implementation. Does your organization need to centralize user activity through a specific application such as CRM, ERP, or LMS? If so, integration of your web conferencing solution is critical to overall efficiency.

We take a modern, simple approach to system integration with a single goal in mind: empower customers and partners to maximize the benefits of web and video conferencing by helping them integrate systems, processes and reporting. We accomplish that goal in two ways: creating pre-built integrations with key systems and providing SOAP-based web services that customers can leverage to create custom integrations.

The iLinc team brings over a decade of expertise to every integration challenge. Our service experts have supported iLinc integrations with industry leading Learning Management Systems (LMS), as well as Premiere Global audio conferencingMicrosoft Outlook®, and Salesforce CRM. Need to create your own integration? No problem. We offer full SOAP-based web services and supporting Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) so you can set up a fully functional web collaboration platform that makes sense for your organization.


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