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Enable your global employees and virtual teams to collaborate and get things done—in less time and more effectively. iLinc Enterprise Solution delivers an entire suite of web conferencing software that powers your web meetings securely and reliably. It includes specialized applications for webinars and webcasts, distance learning, remote support, online sales presentations and more.

Why iLinc?

Connect securely and instantly with co-workers

No plug-ins or add-ins required. iLinc's proven remote collaboration technology, which uses established industry-standard security protocols (SSL & AES), eliminates technical concerns by effectively navigating complex network or firewall environments. Get everyone into the session, every time.

Enhance educational initiatives with online classes

Deliver real-time, live classes or develop recorded tutorials. The iLinc LMS provides scheduling, registration, reporting, and content management or integrate directly with other enterprise LMS systems for blended learning programs.

Large-scale webinars instead of costly live events

Reduce costs while increasing response and leads. An award-winning webinar solution, iLinc automates many of the time-consuming tasks of scheduling and post-event follow-up. With VoIP audio, you don't have the costs of a teleconference bridge. You can deliver everything from product launches, investor meetings, road shows, online seminars, and more.

Provide hands-on support remotely and securely

Dramatically speed resolution time and give each customer the personalized attention that builds loyalty. Support reps can help multiple users at once and bring in assistant technicians when needed. iLinc's intense security protections ensure that your data, processes, and network are never compromised.

Track savings

Measure the amount of carbon emissions, hard costs, productivity saved by individuals, by department and for the entire organization. iLinc Green Meter, included with all iLinc web conferencing products, enables you to see in real-time how much you're saving in green—dollars and environmental impact—with every meeting you and your team enable online instead of traveling.
Here just some of the things you can do with iLinc for Meetings
Multi-Person Video Display videos or pictures for unlimited participants Automatically track your emissions and travel cost savings
Interact and engage meeting participants Load meeting content before or during your session
Application, Desktop and Region Sharing: Interact with any application or share the functionality of any participant's entire desktop. With Region Sharing, select just a portion of the application or desktop for sharing. User and Participant Management: Organize your users or students by building out your organizational structure. Groups can be used to arrange people together (for example a New Hire Group) for faster enrollment in classes that are required for all members.
Record and edit sessions Attend or host from a Mac or PC

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