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iLinc Licensing options

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While you can find iLinc “In the Cloud” with other hosted solutions, you won’t find another with such flexibility. Powerful integrations with Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Outlook help you leverage existing IT investments. Cost-effective integrated phone-based audio extends your options beyond our rich and configurable VoIP. Need more? Our technical team and extensive knowledge library can you develop custom integrations with existing business systems. And our enterprise-class and government sector customers can choose from our hosted environment or the iLinc Installed Edition. 


You can choose between two licensing models:


Concurrent User License: Provides greater flexibility for management - organizations utilize a shared "pool" of licenses. This model allows anyone within the organisation to use the web conferencing software and lead sessions. The licenses cover the number of synchronous "concurrent" users / sessions. To determine how many licenses you need, you should calculate the maximum number of simultaneous (live) sessions that might occur during any given time. For example, if you have ten classes / groups, but only four of the classes will ever run simultaneously, you only require four licenses. The number of asynchronous users on the virtual campus is unlimited!


Named User License: Organizations that want more control over the use of the web conferencing tool for management and / or budgetary reasons, would select Named User License. Under this model, only specifically identified users can lead a session. 

* All Licenses include technical support and 1Gb data storage per license.


Our enterprise-class and government sector customers can choose from our hosted environment or the iLinc Installed Edition.


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