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"Distance Learning as an Enabler of Realisation of Linguistic and Cultural Human Rights - Practical Implementation Process of Distance Learning at the Sámi Education Institute"


Eeva-Liisa Rasmus and Ellen Pautamo. Translation: Kirsi Suomi

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The Sámi Education Institute has participated in Lapin etäopetuksen tukipalvelut (Lapland’s Distance Learning Support Services) - project coordinated by the Kemi Tornio University of Applied Sciences (see below". The project region has been geographically wide. The support area of the Sámi Education Institute included the Municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki though, in practice, the supported teachers and students came from the area covering whole of Finland. Individual students received support even abroad.

The central statutory task of the Sámi Education Institute is to preserve and develop Sámi language and culture. The development of distance learning has played an important role in implementing the institute’s purpose. This developmental work has also been significant due to the fact that the numbers of Sámi language teachers are low at the national level and even in the Sámi Homeland their demand is greater than their numbers. The distance learning equalises the opportunities of participation of those students who come from small villages, outside of the Sámi Homeland and even from abroad.


The virtual education provided by the Sámi Education Institute consists of learning environment that is based on synchronous Learnlinc-lessons, working with Moodle learning platform as well as different collective working tools and practices. The education also includes contact learning sessions.

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