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Session Leaders

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The Basics and Beyond

Getting Started with iLinc -Recommended Starting Point for All iLinc Users

During this one-hour training session, all user levels will learn how to effectively and efficiently use iLinc. This class will provide both a solid understanding of key features and the confidence you need to create, launch and manage virtual sessions with iLinc. Topics include: navigating your "home page," creating sessions, the user experience, session management, and presenting various forms of content.

Advanced Scheduling Techniques

Learn how to Leverage the More Advanced Scheduling Features. *It is recommended that you attend (IL-100) before registering for this course
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Enhanced Session Tools

Learn to use Additional Tools for Session Facilitation Enhancing you Presentation.*It is recommended that you attend (IL-100) before registering for this course
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Webinar Best Practices

Learn how to run effective webinars.*It is recommended that you attend (IL-100) before registering for this course
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Specific Feature Training (Recorded Tutorials) Duration Launch
Joining an iLinc Session View and understand the steps users will follow when joining a session. 3:01 Launch/
Getting to Know the iLinc Presenter Interface An introduction to the features and functionality used by session leaders. 17:10 Launch/
Using iLinc Audio Controls Learn to effectively control participant audio when in Internet Audio, and Integrated audio sessions. 4:20 Launch/
Recording Your iLinc Session Learn the basics of recording your sessions for reuse at a later time. 3:17 Launch/
Using iLinc Session Video An introduction to the using web camera video for your iLinc presentations. 3:29 Launch/
Using iLinc Captioning in Your Session Enhance presentations and increase the attendance in your sessions by providing captioning. 4:06 Launch/
Using iLinc Powerboard Learn how to use the iLinc PowerBoard as a virtual whiteboard in session. 4:27 Launch/
Using iLinc Desktop Sharing Learn to effectivly share out your entire desktop with your audience. 2:16 Launch/
Using iLinc Application Sharing Learn how to select and effectively share selected applications with your audience. 2:09 Launch/
Using iLinc Region Sharing Learn how to zero in and share a select region of your screen with your audience. 1:40 Launch/
Using Synchronized Web Browsing Learn to use WebSync to share webpage's with your attendees. 3:03 Launch/
Using iLinc Polling Learn to leverage iLinc's polling tool; to enhance presentation participation. 3:27 Launch/
Using iLinc Media Learn how to display and play audio and video files in your sessions. 3:24 Launch/
Transferring Files During an iLinc Session Learn to distribute files to your audience with iLinc's File Transfer technology. 2:30 Launch/
Using iLinc Breakout Groups Learn to increase collaboration by using iLinc Break Out Group functionality. 5:15 Launch/
Making the Most of the iLinc Green Meter™ Learn to use the Green Meter; gaining an understanding of the demographic of your audience and recording your Return on Investment. 2:45 Launch/
Integration Training (Recorded Tutorials) Duration Launch
iLinc for Outlook A-Z Learn the Basics of iLinc for outlook; set-up and attend your sessions using Outlook. 3:23 Launch/
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Scheduling an Event Learn the basics of scheduling an iLinc integrated event in 4:17 Launch/
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Using My Personal Meeting Room Learn the basics for launching an instant session with a Lead, Contact, or Case in 4:49 Launch/
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Creating Webinars Learn the basics for managing lead generating webinar events with iLinc for 3:48 Launch/

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