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Government Agencies Seek Secure, High-Performance Web Collaboration

Government agencies are under pressure to communicate and collaborate in a rapid, productive, and cost effective way. Recognizing the power of today’s communication technologies to help them cross geographic boundaries and take action in real-time, they see Web-based collaboration as a clear and compelling solution. 

The Top 7 Strategies to Guarantee Your Webinar's Success

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, iLinc has the tools and techniques to make your webinar a qualitative and quantitative success. Our seven must-do strategies will help you prepare an effective webinar and avoid potential mistakes at every stage of the event: before, during and after your presentation. 

Taking the Virtual Classroom into the Mainstream and Beyond

Training and education executives must confront an array of dramatic market trends in the coming years. While continuous learning and skill development are core concerns in this knowledge-driven era, training departments may be challenged to clearly demonstrate their value, relevance, and impact. 

Capitalizing on Web Conferencing in the Financial Services Industry

Financial services firms are feeling the heat. As the industry consolidates and competition intensifies, the race is on to determine which players will reliably drive profi table growth, deepen customer relationships, and increase customer lifetime value. 

Technology Industry Strengthens Performance Though Web Conferencing

With new product releases continually being developed and introduced (often across widely dispersed customers, employees, and partners), as well as new market opportunities frequently emerging, there’s nothing more critical to success than open lines of communication and clear channels for collaboration. Leaders in technology, perhaps more than in any other industry, must have a strategy for effective communication and collaboration. 

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