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e-Tectra Design & Development Services

Web Content Management & e-Commerce - Made to measure! 


Thanks to our excellent know-how, combined with our long experience in the field of new technologies, we are able to create internet applications that will meet your requirements and needs - from simple static pages to interactive multimedia database applications. Whether you need technical solutions; animation and graphic production (including Interface Design); streaming audio or streaming video - we have the capacity to design and develop applications that will allow you to deliver and manage your information and applications with ease.


 icon Electronic Market Place


Parsec Infotech offers solutions for both B2B ( Business to Business ) and B2C (Business to Client ) applications, from small-size product catalogues to applications with thousands of code numbers, complicated searches, on-line payments, personal buying lists and full reporting.


iconMobile Applications - Providing new mobile opportunities


Parsec Infotech has especially customized our unique Web Content Management tool (E-Tectra) for the smart phone and tablet environment. Closely observing the developments in new technologies, we are able to provide solutions and tools that will contribute to your growth.


iconWeb Content Management - Made to measure


Parsec Infotech delivers customized content management applications using our unique Web Content Management tool (E-Tectra). This "smart" content management system makes it an indispensable tool in your hands for both supporting, as well as updating your dynamic network place. Whether changes are made by a single person or by a team, the system's structure covers both, putting emphasis on "common sense" and simple procedures, so as to minimize errors from users.



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