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Learning Lapland - A Regional Project for Developing a Virtual Polytechnic

Still going strong in 2013 

Leersum, The Netherlands (June 7, 2004): Parsec Infotech, a privately held company in The Netherlands and the European Channel Partner of iLinc Communications (AMEX:ILC), a leading provider of Web conferencing, virtual classroom and Web collaboration software, has recently announced that Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic in Finland has begun preparations for the complete implementation of iLinc's LearnLinc. The Polytechnic is offering remote students a robust, teacher-supervised classroom experience with Web conferencing and collaboration tools.


In this context, Learninc is already operational in "Learning Lapland", a Regional Project in Finland for Developing a Virtual Polytechnic. At present, fifteen schools in Lapland have so far been connected to the Virtual Polytechnic. The intention is to connect all schools in the region. At present, 120 students from the Lapland region are registered for a three and a half year graduation programme. Two methods of "live" virtual teaching are used, namely, instructor-led classes whereby students participate together as individuals; and classes whereby an instructor from one School gives live lessons simultaneously to classes of other participating school's. In the later case, teacher's at these remote locations act as facilitators/assistants.


LearnLinc provides Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic with enhanced collaboration and sophisticated classroom management that is easy to use for both students and teachers; teachers typically learn the system within 30 minutes. Integrated within the school's larger learning management system and incorporated into each student's homepage, LearnLinc gives Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic teachers the ability to interact with students on a one-to-one basis with personalized instruction.


"We are excited that Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic chose our Learnlinc Virtual Classroom and Web conferencing solution for its rich-feature set," said jimmy Georgiades, managing director of Parsec Infotech. "We are committed to providing training and education institutions the best learning and collaboration solution available on the market. We look forward to supporting the project and contributing to it's success".


Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic's sub-project implements the operations model of lifelong learning in the "Learning Lapland" project. The objectives of "Learning Lapland" are, among other things:


  • To ensure equal training services of good quality in Lapland
  • To embed the scheme of continuous lifelong learning to people, businesses and organisations in Lapland
  • To develop business, customer and culture-oriented education
  • To establish and maintain regional, national and international networking
  • To exploit research in furthering and developing the operations model of "Learning Lapland"
  • To develop further the co-operation model of education in Lapland


The objectives of the project


  • To increase regional and professional competence
  • To implement study which enables students to complete their diploma at college level to a higher vocational diploma exploiting the new learning environment
  • To improve the opportunities to carry out studies in one's place of residence and alongside one's work


The results of the project:


  • Study which enables students to complete their diploma at college level to a higher vocational diploma is available on the net.
  • Learning Centre Network including learning environments, network services, net-based learning environment, other opportunities to use the study methods which utilise technology, library services, student support services (such as tutorial services), options for network cooperation and small-group collaboration
  • Improved know-how of tutors and teachers concerning content production, tutoring services and other support services and technical solutions within net-based learning environments
  • Actor-oriented development model for virtual learning


About Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic


Established in 1992, Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic has a staff of 195 persons and 2400 students. The polytechnic is made up of six units, which specialise in different areas of education.


  • Unit of Business and Data Processing
  • Unit of Cultural and Media Studies
  • Unit of Health Care and Nursing
  • Unit of Management and Commerce
  • Unit of Social Education and Social Care
  • Unit of Technical Education


Studies are organised into Bachelor’s Degree Programmes. At Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic, training takes place in an entrepreneurial spirit. Our programmes have been devised by highly skilled staff, who understand the conditions and opportunities of the North.


The International department in Tornio coordinates international activities such as mobility (Socrates, Leonardo, First) and liaison projects. The Polytechnic has a close working relationship with the business life of the region.


The Polytechnic has received an award by the Ministry of Education for success in international co-operation and for economical and human welfare development in the Kemi-Tornio area.


Contact Person

Marko Mehtälä
Project Leader Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic
+358 (40) 721 42 53


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