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Introducing iLinc Version 11

The best just got better! 


The iLinc Version 11 release provides users with a completely customizable and interactive experience that enables high-impact sessions, while ensuring end-users remain highly-engaged.

As an iLinc hosted customer, you’ll automatically get access to the newest features and functionality:

  • Customizable drag-and-drop user interface
  • Real-time multi-stream captioning (included in recordings)
  • Live streaming video for enhanced engagement
  • Multi-point video layout options
  • Adobe© Flash© single video file (.flv) recording option


iLinc 11 Features and Functionality:

Customizable drag-and-drop user interface

The new updated design lets users control what they see and where they see it. Session leaders and attendees can customize their screen by simply dragging and dropping containers. However you chose to design the user interface, iLinc Version 11 works the way you want it to.

  • Place containers around content to personalize your interface
  • Float containers on a second monitor to maximize space
  • Fully-customizable based on your personal preference

Real-time multi-stream captioning (included in recordings)

Real-time captioning enables users to display a transcription of the audio portion of a session; enabling those with a hearing impairment to participate and contribute more easily. Multiple captioning streams allow for different languages and all streams are automatically included in recordings.

• Promote or change captioner(s) on-the-fly
• All captioning is included in recordings & editable to ensure accuracy
• Save background & text color, font and font size settings


Live streaming video for enhanced engagement (back to top)

Ensure that all eyes are on the presenter by using live streaming video. Optimized to ensure clarity and resolution, participants enjoy the benefits of watching high-quality video while the presenter can rest assured the audience’s attention is focused on them.

• Stream video up to 30 frames per second (fps) for high quality video
• Video can be sized as large as 640×480 to ensure optimal visibility
• Participants can listen to presenter via VoIP or standard audio bridge


Multi-point video layout options

Complete control of the video display and layout ensures that all participants are focused on the right person. Maximize the video display for a true video conference or minimize to highlight other content. Keep people engaged with customizable multi-point video interaction.

  • Up to 30 fps provides high quality video for all participants
  • Layout options include one-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many
  • Up to 640×480 video size supported

Adobe© Flash© single video file (.flv) recording option

Now choose how you want to record your session(s). Either a single Flash file (.flv) with audio, sharing powerpoint, whiteboard and websync, or utilize the existing functionality that includes chat, captioning, polling, feedback and includes a built-in editor.


As always, iLinc 11 also includes:

  • iLinc Green Meter™ for measuring environmental savings and ROI
  • Fully integrated audio controls with ‘active talker’ functionality
  • Break-out groups that allow for small collaborative sessions on-the-fly
  • Play and control media files so all participants can see and hear video
  • Up to AES-256 data encryption to ensure all information is secure
  • iLinc for Outlook and iLinc for Salesforce integrations that centralize activity


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