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iLinc Training

Classes Designed for Your Specific Role 



Benefit from Expert Training

The iLinc Product Training team is committed to providing customers with the skills and training they need to effectively solve business needs through the use of iLinc’s web and video conferencing software.  Our team is composed of experienced training professionals who have spent years supporting the collaboration, training, and marketing initiatives of iLinc customers, large and small.

Role-based Live and On-Demand Classes

We offer three learning tracks aimed at helping iLinc Leaders, Participants and Administrators. Choose the track that’s right for you.


User Guides and Quick Reference PDFs

Click here to access resources that you can use right away. Download PDFs and access online product documentation that will provide you with tips and tricks to help you become an iLinc expert.

Free 30-Day Trial

Our 30-Day FREE TRIAL gives you access to professional-grade web collaboration tools you can use to streamline all aspects of your business.

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