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iLinc for Outlook

Simplify Your Life with On-Demand Web Conferencing. 



Click, Send, Meet

Never before has web conferencing been so easy. With iLinc for Outlook, manage all aspects of your meetings with ease using the world’s leading e-mail management tool, Microsoft Outlook®. Everything from initiating, scheduling, and managing online meetings now takes just a few clicks of the mouse.

Using iLinc for Outlook means never having to visit a website to schedule or launch your meetings, giving you more time to focus on what matters. Our integration gives you complete control to start, schedule, and manage your online meetings without leaving your email screen.

  • Schedule and send meeting invites directly from Microsoft Outlook or by using the iLinc Taskbar Icon.
  • Start an instant meeting with a click of the mouse without ever leaving your desktop.
  • Manage all of your scheduled sessions in one place and have complete control of event and attendee logistics.
  • Access session attendance reports on your Personal Meeting Room or run site-wide activity reports right from Microsoft Outlook

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Our 30-Day FREE TRIAL gives you access to professional-grade web collaboration tools you can use to streamline all aspects of your business.

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